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Ocean Life Small World + Water Play

Ocean Life Small World + Water Play//This week during our summer enrichment program we are exploring ocean life! Through reading books at story time and setting out different invitations to explore all things under the sea through open ended play.

First we set out two tuff tray small world plays:

1. Ocean Animals: We mixed water with fluorescent bio color paint and cornstarch. Provided shells, coral, seaweed, and sea animals.

2. Mermaid Lagoon: We mixed water with metallic bio color paint and cornstarch. Provided mermaids, sea shells, coral, seaweed, and sea animals.

Next we turned our mud kitchen into a sea shell soup station.

3. Sea Shell Soup: We created different shades of blue water with liquid watercolors (blue & turquoise), fluorescent and metallic bio color paint to create more opaque colors! Provided different containers, utensils, beakers, cylinders, bowls, and a variety of shells to explore.

When children read books, experience environments, explore freely, or spark an interest in a subject matter, being able to PLAY freely with intentional materials honors their interest, imagination, curiosities, and wonder. Play comes in all different forms, and our core memories are associated with play that was meaningful to us. So let them play wild and free just like the sea!

Here are some other ways to explore the Ocean:

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