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Mix Media Heart Collage

To continue exploring hearts, we set out an invitation to create a mixed media collage with a whole bunch of different heart art materials. Creating with different textures, colors,and sizes, always brings a special spark of curiosity and engagement because of the ending materials that creates a unique process for children.

We provided poster paper as their canvas, a variety of different colors & textures of heart stickers, cellophane hearts, colored foil hearts, colored coffee filter hearts, and glue. The children were invited to create! The beauty about mixed media collages is that since there are no rules it is a never ending process where it can be out for the children for any amount of time for them to keep revisiting and adding more materials over and over. This type of process art allows children the time to explore freely, be in control of the outcomes creatively, & let them discover art in their own way. 

Giving this freedom to create builds their confidence, fosters their cognitive skills, & when they become aware of having the capability of all the different ways to do art, they will make predictions, plan it out/problem solve, and their creativity continues to become limitless. Time is a gift, and giving the time to create in different ways, empowers children to build a strong foundation of expressing themselves while honoring their innate creative artistic style. 

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