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Letter Dig

Looking for an open ended sensory activity while enhancing a child's letter recognition? Check out the activity I created with @himamaapp!

In this activity the child will explore sensory play while enhancing letter recognition! Sensory play is, quite simply, any activity that stimulates the senses. When children play with a sensory bin, they are playing with a variety of materials + textures which stimulate the mind and body through the tactile experience. They explore so many concepts such as science, math, senses, language and more.

This activity enhances the sensory play experience and further develops letter recognition by placing letters for the children to dig and discover followed by sorting/classifying them in the muffin tin.

Activities such as this provide no pressure, explore their senses and deepen the child’s connection to have a love for learning as they discover and obtain new skills and information.

For more activities check out more on Hi Mama's amazing abundance of resources!

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