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Invitations to Paint on Spheres/Polymer Cubes and Ice

Science Week continued today with an invitation to paint on Polymer Spheres/Cubes and Ice.

1. Invitation to Paint on Steve Spangler Jelly Marbles™ & Polymer Cubes: First we placed the tiny solid spheres & cubes in water. In a couple of hours they absorb over 150 times their weight in water & grow. After they have grown we placed them in our tuff tray in different containers. We provided Pipettes/Twisty Droppers, Beakers filled with Water mixed with Colorations Liquid Watercolors.

The children were invited to 'paint' the spheres & cubes with the pipettes/twisty droppers & liquid watercolors As the child uses the droppers it enhances their fine motor skills, increases their color recognition, & explores their sense of touch.

2. Invitation to Paint on Ice: In our Tuff Tray we provided ice, pipettes, paintbrushes, & liquid watercolors. The children were invited to create, observe, & explore ice + colors.

As the ice melts through squirting the liquid water colors onto the ice the children will explore a solid turning into a liquid. They will make predictions, observations, & theories throughout this whole process as well. When painting the ice they will explore color theory through mixing colors (red+blue= purple, blue + yellow= green, red+ yellow=orange). When stating & observing what colors they are using, this naturally boosts their recognition & the names of the colors. By using a pipette/dropper they will enhance their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Painting on an interesting surface such as jelly shapes or ice is quite different from using paper, which definitely sparked the interest & engagement of the children. They were cognitively challenged to paint & create while they were exploring and experimenting. Since children learn best through using their senses, these sensory materials allow the child to creatively explore & retain new skills/information. Whenever a child is #handsonlearning, they are developing & enhancing multiple layers of skill sets that will provide the stimulus children need to confidently continue to ignite their curiosity throughout their entire life long learning journey.

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