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Invitation to Try It

This week is Master Chef Week so we are exploring FOOD! Today we invited all the children to taste test food. First we read the book Try It by Mara Rockliff, illustrated by Giselle Potter and then we read the books Little Book of Pasta and Cheese by by Christina Sicoli and Caitlin Renee Steuer.

After reading the books to the children during story time, we invited the children to taste foods they are familiar with and some that they may have never tried.

1. Try It Table: We set out many fruits similar to the story, such as Snow Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Melon, Golden Kiwi, Rambutans, Gaya Melons, Pepino Melon, Baby Bananas, Figs, Pomegranate, and Guava. The children were invited to taste test whatever they were interested in.

The book which inspired this table was about Frieda Capla, who was a produce pioneer that changed the way Americans eat in the 1950s by introducing exciting new fruits and vegetables, from baby carrots to blood oranges to kiwis. We read this book to show how Frieda Caplan was always willing to try something new and encourage them to do so as well!

2. Pasta and Cheese Table: We set out different types of pasta and cheese just like the books. The children were invited to taste test whatever they were interested in.

The Little Books about Pasta & Cheese take children through rhythmic exploration of foods that spark questions & conversations about food & cooking. Children are able to discover & discuss colors, shapes, textures, origins, rhyming, & phonetics through reading this book first & then actually tasting what was in the book.

Having a table of familiar/safe foods alongside a table of new foods lead to the children being more prone to try things out!

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