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Invitation to Put the Fire Out

With the continuous unfortunate events in California surrounding the wild fires, children naturally are asking questions about it all. Invitations that shed light on what is happening in the world allows them process the events. It can also help gain perspective on how first responders save people, nature, animals, stores, and homes in danger.

Providing experiences through play where you can share discussions and let a child find their own way to understand, may ease the worry, trauma, sadness, or trauma they are experiencing. In times like these children need experiences such as this to establish security, guidance, and safety.

For this invitation with magnetic tiles as the burning buildings, a fire truck, geometric flames, and jumbo droppers as their fire hose created the small world play of wildfires. At the base of the sensory bin placing shaving cream and colors of fire with Colorations Liquid Water Colors adds a sensory element.

This invitation not only explores role play it also a sensory experience as well, which children learn best through.

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