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Invitation to Puppet Play

Excellerations® Standing Puppet Theater and Big Mouth Animal Puppets from Discount School Supply (gifted) are quite the most underrated beneficial toys for a child.

Puppet play whether guided by an adult or the child will benefit the child’s development in the early years in so many ways. A theatre alongside the puppets have the potential to improve language skills, creativity, social emotional awareness, imagination, role play and so much more.

Language development is enhanced through each verbal interaction as they listen, mimic, or initiate the play. The puppet can be the voice or instructor social skills such as manners or to use their words to communicate needs or expressions. Emotions in the early year develop so rapidly and sometimes feel so much larger than they can grasp. The puppets are the perfect way to teach children about the wide range of emotions and how to process them.

There are so many more benefits of puppet play in the early years. The power they have to deliver information to children and help them retain it is like no other toy. Puppet play will let a child be able to connect and set a foundation to retell information they've learned and remember it.

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