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Invitation to Paint with Acorns

Have you ever done Marble Painting? This invitation is the same process just with acorns. If you can forage a handful of acorns on a walk or a hike, grab a cardboard box, paper, and tempera paint, you are ready to do the fall rendition of process art classic!

This activity is great engaging in multi-tasking as they tilt the box, keep an eye on the acorns so they don’t fall out of the box, and direct the object through the paint all at the same time. The whole process is great for eye-hand coordination as well as cause and effect. Through this process they see the effect of colors mixing together and through science explore the effects of gravity.

Every time we provide children with the opportunity to create art all on their own, we are reminded of how engaging and important process art is. With that said, sometimes what we intentionally set out doesn't go exactly in the direction we planned for. That is the beauty of the process. It is all about trial and error, exploration, creativity, and using skills they have while exposing them to new ones.

As you can see in this process, my son went straight for finger painting (skill he has) and it took me guiding him over and over to somewhat grasp the new skill of tilting the box to move the acorns. Always remember for a child it is about the process, not the prodcut.

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