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Invitation to Paint with a Flower

After reading the book Have you Ever Seen a Flower written and illustrated by Shawn Harris and being inspired but he Fluorescent Colors it was a no brainer to extend the literacy experience through the arts with BioColor® Paint from Discount School Supply and painting with flowers!

In the enchanting story you see a child experience the beauty of a flower with all five senses which reminds us of how a child sees the beauty and wonder in everything around them. The vibrant imagery and simple story reveals how a single flower can ignite so much curiosity. To integrate and extend the story setting up an invitation to recreate the flowers through the arts is a great way to deepen the connection and comprehension.

There is no such thing as “correct tools” in art. Anything that encourages fun and creativity is a tool in the arts. Why in this world would anyone settle for just paint brushes when there is a world of possibilities out there? The children loved exploring the different ways they could use the flowers. Up and down. Side to side. Going in circles. Printing and swaying different strokes. Mixing the colors. There was definitely some problem solving to do from beginning to end, creativity was flowing, fine motor skills were enhanced, and their creativity was beaming.

The paper was cut into similar imagery from the book to create a collage representing the fields of flowers that will be sold in our upcoming annual Pre-K Art Auction.

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