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Invitation to Paint on InstaSnow + Ice

On bed of Steve Spangler Science Insta Snow we placed ice cubes plus frozen snowflakes/snowmen. We provided water mixed with Colorations® Liquid WaterColors in beakers + pipettes and invited the children to paint snow+ice as well as explore, make predictions, observations, and theories of what they were experiencing through the whole process. 

Developmental Benefits of this Invitation:

-Science:As the ice melts they will explore a solid turning into a liquid. They will make predictions, observations, and theories throughout this whole process as well.

- Color Theory & Recognition:When painting the ice they will explore color theory through mixing colors. When stating and observing what colors they are using this naturally boosts their recognition and the names of the colors.

- Fine Motor:By using a pipette they will enhance their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

-Language Development:Throughout this whole process as they speak with their peers or adults describing what they are experiencing and doing their language will thrive and improve. -Sensory Play: As the children explore the feeling of the snow + ice they will enhance their senses.

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