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Invitation to Paint on Ice

Tinkerwonderplay X Grow Maple Invitations: Join us for a new series Afternoon Activities. This Thursday 5/27 @ 4pm PST on Instagram Live.

What is Grow Maple? Maple is coming together helping parents in more ways than one. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for families by providing an app support system you can count on. Find out more about the app here. Request access to help as they roll out invites.

Materials you will need:

· Ice

· Water

· Liquid Water Colors or Food Coloring

· Sensory Bin, Plastic Container, or Pyrex Tray

· 3-4 Cups

How to Set Up the Invitation

· In the sensory bin, plastic container or Pyrex tray place a bed of ice.

· Fill up the cups with water and add drops of Liquid Water Colors or Food Coloring.

· Provide your child with pipettes, droppers, or a paintbrush.

· Invite your child to explore and paint the ice!

The Why? Developmental Benefits of this Invitation

· Science- As the ice melts they will explore a solid turning into a liquid. They will make predictions, observations, and theories throughout this whole process as well.

· Color Theory & Recognition- When painting the ice they will explore color theory through mixing colors (red+blue= purple, blue + yellow= green, red+ yellow=orange). When stating and observing what colors they are using this naturally boosts their recognition and the names of the colors.

· Fine Motor- By using a pipette, dropper or paintbrush they will enhance their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

· Language Development- Throughout this whole process by speaking with your child or the child simply speaking their language will thrive and improve.

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