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Invitation to Paint Happiness, Sleep, and Love Prints

After getting inspired by @katy.renfro year after year with her snowflake prints, I had to give it a try to integrate art with three of my all time favorite books.

The three books are written by Shana Gozansky who curated a selection of fine art to explore Happiness, Sleep and Love. Not only are the books engaging, the words alongside the images within the book are powerful, touching, and relatable. The art work is diverse in many ways, as it explores many forms of art such abstract, impressionism, modern, and more. These are such great ways to expose children to the beauty and power of art at a young age. I can't wait for the fourth book about friendship to be released in may.

To create this invitation to paint, you can cut out the images on wax paper or laminate images followed by taping it on the paper. Provide the child with tempera paint, dot markers (we used scented), or water colors and let them paint. Remove the cut out and ta-da!

Integrating art to deepen the connection with the literacy experience is a great way to continue to the discussion of the book as well as giving the child the freedom to be creative.




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