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Invitation to Observe + Explore Ladybugs

It is that time of year again where we go to Encinal Nursery and get ladybugs to learn more about insects during the spring season. The whole month of May we are reading and learning about a whole bunch of different insects, today was all about ladybugs!

To set this invitation we used our Excellerations magnifying from Discount School Supply, foraged some leaves + flowers from our garden, and placed everything in a sensory bin. For this invitation we simply let the child observe and explore the ladybugs with their magnifying glass on the different natural materials.

With children in the early years the idea of science is to explore, observe, investigate, test their own theories, learn about the world, and nurture wonder and curiosity in anything they do. Our job as adults is to scaffold, answer questions, and intentionally provide developmentally appropriate knowledge when needed in order to support their process.

Children are born scientists, they have a powerful capability of figuring out the world, therefore to continue to support their love for learning, providing experiences such as this continues to ignite a child's curiosity and wonder about the fascinating world around them.

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