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Invitation to live with Intention

From the moment a child is born you can intentionally invite a child to be exposed to culture in your home and classroom. Through play, art, and books you give the power of exposure to provide a window for a child to see others, to appreciate others, to respect others, to love others, to be a mirror for others, and to live with intention.

A parent is a child’s first teacher. Everything you and your child do together will teach important lessons that will help them grow and learn about their world.

As educators embrace, celebrate, expose, and appreciate every culture as much as possible. What is emulated in the classrooms has a ripple effect in society. Everyday when we invite a child to enter our care we have the gift of intentionally laying the foundation of acceptance in the most formative years with hopes that it carries on throughout their lifetime. #beautifulbrownart

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Here are some amazing Instagram accounts that provide resources through play, art, and books:

















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