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Invitation to Explore Winter Holiday Infant/Toddler Activities

Angeles Feeding Chair (Availabe on: Amazon, Discount School Supply, Children's Factory) #gifted from Children's Factory is not only the perfect solution for feeding your infant/toddler but for activities as well. The one-piece chair with a removable dishwasher safe tray is easy to stack up and store, which is perfect for any home or classroom.

To set this invitation to explore winter holiday actives you will need: foam blocks, large bells, gift bows, shaving cream, flat marbles, ziplock bag, and blue tape.

The first invitation is Holiday Toy & Object Rescue. You will use the blue tape and tape down the foam blocks, gift bows, and bells on the tray . Invite the child to release the holiday toys + objects from the tape while enhancing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The second invitation is a "Snow" Sensory Bag. You will take the ziplock bag place the white, clear, and blue flat marbles and shaving cream, seal the bag securely. Tape the ziplock bag on all four corners onto the tray. Invite the child to explore and discover the materials through their senses in a great mess free way!

As always with any activity close supervision is highly recommended to ensure safety.

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