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Invitation to Explore Sensory Tables

There is no denying that children learn best by hands on experiences and providing hands on open ended sensory experiences are extremely beneficial for a young child’s development.

Children’s Factory #gifted this Indoor/Outdoor 4 Pack Sensory Tablue Set that can be configured in a row for individual play or a circle for community play. The Sensory Tables feature durable plastic table and lid and a convenient lower shelf for supplies.

To set this invitation you can place any sensory materiel (water, sand, pasta, dried beans, etc.) along with measuring tools, figurines, or loose parts. In this invitation we set Multi Colored & Sand Kidfetti® Play Pellets along with measuring tools and Easter Eggs.

Sensory play stimulates the child‘s brain and builds neural pathways that improve sensory processing systems. In addition to enhancing their senses many sensory activities also encourage social & pretend play, math, science, language development, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.

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