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Invitation to Explore Rainbow Bubbles

This simple invitation has many layers of learning. To set this invitation I used a recycled plastic egg carton, poured bubble mixture into the carton, and added Colorations Liquid Water Colors in the order of a rainbow, and two reusable metal straws as the tool to create bubbles. I placed translucent color paddles on the acrylic mirror as a point of reference and another means of engaging awareness of color. I love placing the egg carton filled with bubbles on a mirror as it encourages exploration of reflection, perception, and appearance which in turn provides visual feedback.

The science behind the way bubbles start as just some liquid and form into a wonderful colorful floating sphere is something just so enamoring. So at any age they are great for exploration whether they can blow bubbles or just watch. The exercise of blowing a bubble encourages children to practice deep breathing which has calming effects on the body. Blowing bubbles is also good for strengthening muscles in the mouth. Children who have delayed speech may benefit from this.

As the bubble mixtures creep and overlap one another, a child is able to see colors form which is another great way to introduce color theory. So much STEAM packed into one simple invitation to explore.

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