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Invitation to Explore Ooey, gooey, MONSTER SLIME!

Raise your hand if all the recipes you have ever tried to make slime never come out right? Discount School Supply's non toxic Classroom Slime Tub to the rescue.

This invitation to explore Monster Slime was set with a tray, graduated cylinders , beakers, wiggly eyes, mini cauldrons, ladle, and halloween decor.

Slime has the strangest characteristics in that it flows somewhat like a liquid, spilling out onto the table, but is very obviously a solid. It is ooey and gooey and cold to the touch as it flows between your fingers and down your arms. It clings to your hands, but it is not sticky, and very easy to clean up!

While this looks like messy play, it is so much more than that. It provides children with an exciting tactile and sensory experience that inspires their curiosity, allows them to explore the world around them and enhances their learning, language and creativity. Children learn through experimentation and discovery and messy play encourages children to explore new textures and manipulate different materials through touch.

This slime is reusable, cleans easily, safe and allergy-free. Note anytime there are loose parts or non-edible materials are provided to a child, supervision is of the utmost importance to ensure safety.

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