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Invitation to Explore Icy Lights

With lights twinkling every where for the holidays, an invitation to explore icy lights is a fun way to connect what they are seeing in the world around them. Lights bring such curiosity in a child’s eyes, the colors and twinkles fill their world with wonder.

To create this invitation get the most out of using your water beads first by letting your children play with water beads in other invitations such as a simple set up of pouring and scooping. Getting the last use of them by freezing the water beads in ice trays, placing string, water, and removing them once they are ready. Place the lights in a sensory bin with droppers and Colorations liquid water colors to excavate, release, and melt the lights.

This invitation has SO MANY learning opportunities from color recognition, strengthening fine motor skills by using droppers, building their cognitive skills on how and what will melt ice, exploring STEAM, and sensory play.

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