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Invitation to Explore Frozen Winter Nature

Freezing nature has always been one of my favorite invitations that I typically do in spring with all the flowers in bloom. When I saw @creative_exploration do it with foraged winter treasures I had to give it try.

To set this up go on a nature walk, hike, or in your backyard, gather some wintry natural materials and freeze them. You can set this up in a sensory bin, baking tray, or outdoors. We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and explore outside by setting the invitation on our Excellerations® Outdoor Sensory Mixing Table #gifted.

When freezing materials the invitations are set for the child experiment how to excavate what’s inside the ice. Providing a child with kitchen utensils, magnifying glass #gifted,

cups/beakers, or droppers are great tools to release the materials from the ice. I also got inspired to bring out our beverage dispenser like did so that Cy could learn how to pour his own water into the beakers.

There is so much science, water play, cognitive and fine motor development all packed into this invitation! A child is able to explore and finding a deeper connection with nature.

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