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Invitation to Explore Frozen Flowers on the Light Table

This week we are celebrating SPRING with @discoverkidtivities. This invitation to explore frozen flowers on the light table has so much learning packed into one!

Recently purchased What‘s Inside a Flower by Rachel Ignotofsky from @orindabooks which ignited this invitation. The book introduces and explores flowers form seeds to bloom, teaching them how they grow through science.

To create this invitation you can go on a walk around the neighborhood, hike, or in your backyard foraging flowers. Place the flowers in ice trays, molds, plastic Tupperware, and pour water in them. Let them freeze. Grab a clear baking dish or clear container and place it on the light table. Let the child place the frozen flowers on the tray and explore.

Adding the light table to this experience is an excellent resource for visual sensory input, as their hands are already feeling the ice and flowers, the glow of the table and the visual stimulation enhances their experience as they explore.

Through integrating the book with this visual and hands on sensory invitation it will deepen their connection of understanding and learning about flowers.

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