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Invitation to Explore Flowers

Signs of spring have been showing with flowers starting to bloom after all the rain. Today we explored some leftover flowers from Valentine's Day and even from our outdoor space. We set out vases filled with the flowers, a light table that displayed dissected flowers, magnifying glasses, an observational magnifier with a mirror, and the book What‘s Inside a Flower by Rachel Ignotofsky. The book introduces and explores the life cycle of flowers from seeds to bloom, teaching them how they grow through science, as well as showing the parts of a flower through stunning imagery.

From a very early age, children are curious about the world around them. As they learn and grow, experiencing nature with all of their senses is a critical part of their development. Providing opportunities of exploration of the natural world allows young children to create a positive lasting attachment to the environment and flourish as healthy individuals. Exploring the natural world through hands-on science is an important and effective way that children learn. Hands-on science activities encourage children to observe and manipulate items from the environment, while making observations, predictions, and even experimenting to test out what they are experiencing. 

Science such as this invitation gives children the time and space to explore, experiment, question, discover, and understand nature all while also stimulating their curiosity, encouraging them to use all of the five senses, help to build vocabulary, and create a love for learning. 

As always to get more use of our materials, we made flower soup with the flowers, water, bowls, beakers, pitchers, serving utensils, and liquid watercolors,  during outdoor play! 

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