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Invitation to Explore Environments® earlySTEM™ JR Explorers Set

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

This earlySTEM™ JR Explorers Set from Discount School Supply is specially designed for curious toddlers. This set pictured here consist of a coin drop, rocking balance, and ball drop.

With this set a child will explore and experiment with object permanence, attribute comparison, measurement, cause and effect, spatial awareness, fine motor development, eye-hand coordination, reasoning, cognition and problem solving, comparing and categorizing, sort and solve puzzles. Toddlers also find it satisfying to place small objects in and out of containers, experiment what will or will not fit, think things through while seeing the results of their thought process and enjoy the challenges.

Babies and toddlers learn through repetition and these sets ultimately encourage the children to discover cause and effect relationships as they experiment again and again and again!

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