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Invitation to Explore Cloud Clay

Like shaping a cloud! Cloud Clay is a soft, puffy light-as-air unique modeling material for sculpting, sensory play and much more. Sensory materials such as this has many benefits for children. The most important is the fine motor skill development. It is great for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squashing, rolling and flattening cloud clay all develop children's muscles and encourage pre-writing and other skills such as cutting with a scissors, using a tweezers and holding a pencil. It also engages the children in their senses. When children participate in hands-on activities that allow them to use their senses, they will be more likely to retain that new information. If it's in their hands, it's in their brains.

The tools pictured are:

Colorations® Textured Dough Rolling Pins-These Textured rolling pins take your dough or clay invitations to the next level as they add patterns and texture to creations!

Colorations® Wooden Sculpting Tools-These solid wood tools for sculpting and adding texture to all types of clay, dough and modeling materials are great for creating designs, pre-writing skills, and life skills.

Colorations® Mix & Match Sensory Dough Ball-Perfect for creating patterns, designs, & textures with dough or clay but can also be used with paint and stamping for open ended process art invitations.

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