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Invitation to Dress-Up Play

In dramatic play, dress-up play is role playing and storytelling that helps children develop ideas about how the world works in so many ways. It is a type of play that every child needs to experience as it has so many benefits!

Environments® Toddler Animal Capes with Hoods #gifted from @discountschoolsupply are easy-to-wear dress up costumes where a child can roar like a lion, gallop like a horse, stomp like a dinosaur and sneak around like a fox!

Dress-up play has profound positive effects on a child’s development. It fosters imagination, let’s a child explore themselves and the world around them, strengthens relationships, improves language/communication, builds empathy, fine/gross motor skills, life skills, and process feelings to help their social emotional development.

A child’s imagination is one of their greatest tools in their development. Dress-up ignites their imagination to world full of wonder.

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