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Invitation to Create Thanksgiving Dinner

To set this invitation we used our Grow Wild Co. Mud Kitchen all with natural materials that was foraged. From acorns, moss, twigs, leaves, rocks, pinecones, water to mud, this kitchen was filled with plenty to create a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Outdoor mud kitchens provide opportunity to practice practical life skills, make sense of the world around them through dramatic play, and engage in science by experimenting with natural materials. Nearly all children are drawn to mud and messy play is of great importance. Research has shown that there are endless benefits in playing with mud/natural materials and building healthy immune systems.

Learning through play is all about allowing children to foster a myriad of skills at their own developmental level. A mud kitchen is an optimal creative environment where it meets the diverse needs and interests of children at their own pace while instilling wonder and play. With all the cooking that is happening with the holidays approaching this invitation is the perfect way to connect what’s going on in the world around them and also igniting their imagination.

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