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Invitation to Create Pumpkin Pie with Loose Parts & Play-Dough

Creating invitations with loose parts and play-dough with materials that connect what’s happening in the world around them provokes a child to be more aware of their surroundings and deepen their connections.

This invitation was created with repurposed play-dough from a previous invitation and all that was added Orange Liquid Colorations to create the color of pumpkin pie. The tinker tray was filled with wood craft rounds, pom poms, cinnamon sticks, expired pasta, and wooden cut outs of leaves + pumpkins. Lastly, an array of wooden tools to rolls and mold the the play-dough.

Invitations enhance a child's free creative play, exposure to sensory elements, requires concentration, and are truly relaxing and stimulating. Through this kind of experience children are really creating: using what they have and what they already know, and combining that to create a whole that’s greater than the parts.

Loose parts play give a child the ability to be creative and the freedom of imagination in endless ways. Loose parts are dynamic in nature, which brings about authenticity of ideas. The more variables an object offers the more possibilities and creativity the object will have. Children will have a higher level of learning and understanding of how things work. Disclaimer: anytime a child is provided with or near any choking hazard supervision is of the utmost priority. If it is not within your threshold of comfort to provide your child or children in your care with loose parts that is completely understandable. Stay tuned for a dedicated loose parts post + giveaway that will dive into this subject matter deeper.

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