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Invitation to Create Hyacinth Flowers with Loose Parts

Developing Minds & I will being showcasing how to integrate Literacy Invitations through play. Join in on the fun by choosing a story and a creative way to make the story come to life through invitations.

This literacy invitation is connected to the book Hooray! Hooray! Nowruz Is Here! by Mojgan Roohani. This book is a great way to learn about the ancient Persian customs and how one prepares for springtime in the New Year. In the story they go to the store to get the flower Sonbol (hyacinths) for their Haftsin. Also pictured is @littlepersianlearning beautiful greeting card and flower as a point of inspiration.

Since Hyacinths bloom in the spring with a beautiful scent they represent spring itself in a Haftsin. Also this week I am guest hosting spring activites with @discoverkidtivities. This invitation is set to create the spring time flowers through #loosepartsplay with a mixture natural materials such as twigs +rocks along with flat marbles + buttons + mosaic tiles in our PlayTray.

Check out this previous post discussing the importance of loose parts play! Join us for the rest of the month as we challenge you to create in invitation in your home or classroom, tag us and we will share it in our stories.

3/15 Play-dough

3/22 Art

3/29 Writing/Drawing Extension

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