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Invitation to Create Cardboard Hearts

This invitation to create consists of heart process art three ways on recycled cardboard. Heart Resist Art inspired by Busy Toddler's resist tape, Concentric Layered Hearts, and Collage Hearts. All you need is painters tape, glue, string, paint brushes (easy grip/shaving brushes) Colorations tempera paint from Discount School Supply.

Before inviting a child to create cardboard hearts you can read two all time favorites The Invisible String written by Patrice Karst and In My Heart by Jo Witek to inspire their art. This will not only integrate through process it art and it deepen their connection/comprehension with the stories.

In the story In My Heart the beautiful illustrations and layers of hearts talks about the different feelings and emotions we have. To recreate this books through art by simply layering different sized shape hearts, big to small or creating a collage to paint with brushes is a fun way to recreate the heart within the story.

For the the book the Invisible String simply having a child paint with string instead of a paint brush provides for a different process in painting while connecting how in the story string connects our love no matter where we are.

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