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Invitation to Create Bubbly Witch Potions

There are so many wondrous takes on creating potions during this time of year. An all time favorite is Bubbly Witch Potions.

To create this you will need to place baking soda at the base of a cauldron, cup, or bowl, Colorations Liquid Water Colors, and dish soap. If you love glitter as much as I do you can add that in for an extra effect on top. Then in cup, beaker, or bowl place baking soda and droppers. Next, let your child experiment and explore how to create Bubbly Witch Potions.

The base mixture along with drawing vinegar with the droppers create the opportunity to explore and observe a chemical reaction. The droppers really enhance a child's fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination as they continue to draw in the vinegar and repeatedly squeeze onto the baking soda. When the vinegar and baking soda finally mix, it creates a chemical reaction due to the pH rating of each ingredient. Vinegar is an acid, and baking soda is a base. When the two react, carbon dioxide is produced. This causes the dish soap and other ingredients to rise out of the container quickly as the other ingredients get carried away with the carbon dioxide gas. Through this invitation they are able to see the whole process carried through while continuously experimenting with how much more or less they need of the materials to reach the reaction.

When children are freely given the opportunity to experiment cause and effect, they use and discover so much language, figure out why things happen, and cultivate critical thinkers that can problem solve. Science taps into the "whys" of the life which supports their natural curiosities as they discover the world around them.Science in the early years is all about exploring, asking questions, and curiosity.

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