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Invitation to Create a Christmas Tree

This invitation to create a Christmas tree is set up by placing natural brown butcher paper, drawing different variations of trees and a tinker tray filled loose parts + play dough. The tinker tray is filled with wood circles, sticks, flat marbles, buttons, wooden rings, cookie cutters and play dough.

Loose parts are dynamic in nature, which brings about authenticity of ideas. The more variables an object offers the more possibilities and creativity the object will have. Children will have a higher level of learning and understanding of how things work.

Invitations enhance a child's free creative play, exposure to sensory elements, requires concentration, and are truly relaxing and stimulating.

Safety Notes: Anytime a child, no matter the age, is provided with or near any choking hazard supervision is of the utmost priority. Anytime boundaries need to be established to ensure safety before inviting a child to play is a great opportunity to guide a child to interact with objects and materials in a safe manner. Therefore having discussions or modeling before they engage in loose parts play is ideal. If it is not within your threshold of comfort to provide your child or children in your care with loose parts that is completely understandable.

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