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Invitation to Build and Create LOVE

Love written by Corrine Averiss and Illustrated by Kirsti Beautyman is a beautiful story about understanding emotions when separating to go to school for the first time. Through the power of love we are connected like a string even when we are not physically together. This is the third trio book by the Author, Hope and Joy are the first of the series. Books that provide the language and real life scenarios to express emotions they are experiencing or one day may go through, give children the tools to process and overcome what they are dealing with.

To further extend the story, inviting a child do play out the book will deepen the connection to the concepts/themes within book, comprehend the storyline, enhance their language, and open up great dialogue.

To set this invitation provide your child with blocks to build or a doll house. The ones we used were from Target. Provide figurines to be the characters within the story. And to add a fun element to resemble the string within the story we used fairy lights and rhinestone hearts. You can also just use string or battery operated tea lights. Let your child #learnthroughplay and you will be amazed with the magic they re-create from the story.

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