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Invitation to Build a Christmas Tree STEM Challenge

Recycled berry baskets, cups, & pom poms are all you need to invite a child to create a Christmas tree STEM style!

STEM Challenges are a great way to get children thinking and doing even with simple supplies like these recycled items. Opportunities for hands-on play with different materials will allow children to learn and extend their knowledge and creative thinking skills.

STEM preschool invitations are designed to engage and stretch their thinking by problem solving. Introducing the engineering and design process is a natural fit due to the fact that children already like to build.

Obviously depending on the age of child there can be a great deal of mess, this is part of the process for a child. It is all about your threshold as an adult for how much mess you are comfortable with. There is no wrong or right way to do this activity, the possibilities are truly endless, and there is beauty even in all the mess.

Safety Notes: Anytime a child, no matter the age, is provided with or near any choking hazard supervision is of the utmost priority. Anytime boundaries need to be established to ensure safety before inviting a child to play is a great opportunity to guide a child to interact with objects and materials in a safe manner. Therefore having discussions or modeling before they engage in loose parts play is ideal. If it is not within your threshold of comfort to provide your child or children in your care with loose parts that is completely understandable.

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