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Invitation to Bake Leila, the Perfect Witch Cookies

Since we love Gustavo, the Shy Ghost it was only a matter of time to read another book in the series Leila, the Perfect Witch. In the story Leila dreams of winning a Magnificent Witchy Cake-off! Through the help of her three magical sisters who share their baking secrets she discovers that win or lose she has discovered baking is fun!

To extend the literacy experience we invited the children to create their own spooky baked goodies just like Leila did in the book. We provided these cookies sets from Target and invited the children to bake just like Leila!

Extending the literacy experience through any invitations deepens their comprehension of the story, builds upon their language, and honors their interests with what's going on in the world around them. The best part about integrating books and hands-on learning is that it further ignites their curiosity and wonder of the world all through the power of a story and creating!

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