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Home From Home Fireplace

The perfect role-play centerpiece for a dramatic play space is the Millhouse ™ The Home from Home Fireplace from Discount School Supply.

This charming mantlepiece has become the perfect for completing our dramatic play area. The cream-colored adds to the calm and a great choice for creating a soft and calm environment.

In the shelving units are baskets that were originally hidden in our kitchen but now having them on display make its more accessible to extend their play. They are filled with pretend food, dishes, aprons, cleaning tools, coffee/tea, and more!

Dramatic play spaces truly ignites a child's imagination through play. Dramatic play is a crucial part of early childhood. Since possibilities are truly limitless in pretend play it encourages a child to use their imagination in its truest form. The child builds social and emotional skills, language skills, problem-solving skills, take risks, and become whoever they want to be all through the power of play!

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