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Henri Matisse Three Ways

We have been exploring the artist Henri Matisse by reading books about him & looking at images of his creations. Henri Matisse was a French Visual Artist who was a master of the use of color and form to convey emotional expression. Exposing artists of the world helps children develop & become aware of the beauty in the different styles along with techniques in art from around the world.

1.Invitation to Cut Like Matisse

We invited the children to cut like Matisse by providing scissors and colored construction paper with Matisse like designs. After they cut out the designs they were invited to glue and collage collaboratively on poster paper. 

2.Invitation to Explore Matisse with Loose Parts

We invited the children to explore the many different art works of Matisse by inviting them to explore, decorate, and design some of his famous pieces. 

3.Matisse Felt Board Collaborative Collage

We invited the children to create their own collaborative Matisse inspired collage with felt cut outs similar to his designs on a large felt board.  

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