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The Importance of Reading & Storytime

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

There is no denying that reading and storytime is a critical literacy and language intervention for early learners for a variety of reasons. In addition to introducing learn new words, sentence structures and modes of communication, read books helps children engage with new perspectives by expanding their imagination.

Children’s Factory Mobile Teacher’s Stool with Storage gives teachers a place to sit during the magic of storytime and make these integrals moments with young children as intentional as possible. With the easy roll casters make moving this seat from space to space effortless and engaging. The lower shelves are customizable to help stay organized with felt stories, dry erase markers + board, books, puppets and more which are also essential tools in enhancing language and literacy development.

Research has shown children who have lots of exposure with language and literacy experiences absorb the rhythms and patterns of language and, at surprisingly early ages, begin to imitate the language and gestures adults use while sharing stories through books, puppets, felt boards and discussions. At times you will can see a child turning pages and murmuring as they “read” the pictures, renact the stories through play, and continuing to talk about what happened in the book. These are all skills that develop through these experiences and provide a strong foundation for later literacy and language development.

So the more we read with young children, the more we offer and give the gift of imagination, magic, curiosity, wonder and play.

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