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Grow Wild Co. + Tinkerwonderplay Mud Kitchen Promo & Geoboard Giveaway

Just in time for the Holidays Grow Wild Co. has a promo and giveaway you can’t pass up! Promo: $100 Off a Mini Mud Kitchen along with a Giveaway: Geoboard for US residents only.  

To Enter on Instagram: 

1)Follow and @tinkerwonderplay 

2)Tag as many friends as you can to enter! Each tag must be in a separate comment. 

3)Like and save this post. 

Enter to win by Wednesday, December 2nd

Winner announced on December 4th. Random generator will pick the winner. Winner will be announced over our two accounts only, via Instagram stories.

**Disclaimers. Promo code will be active until December 9th for holiday delivery. Promotion is for the Mini Mud Kitchen and shipping rates will apply. If the winner is local to the San Francisco Bay Area, Grow Wild Co. will honor shop credit towards a Deluxe Mud Kitchen. Geoboard will be shipped even if a kitchen is not purchased. This giveaway is not affiliated or endorsed by Instagram.

Now a little about this invitation to make hot cocoa! You can use one packet of hot cocoa with water or you can add brown liquid water colors. Provide foam cubes and pom poms as marshmallows, mixing utensils, camping cups/bowls and tis the season for hot coca!

When children are given the opportunity to play it is one the best ways to make connections across and amongst many learning opportunities. They are not just playing with hot cocoa, it is science and math in action; helping to lay down basic foundation and giving them the tools to enhance their cognitive skills. Through pouring, scooping, measuring they explore these concepts. Children also gain physical learning through water play, such as precision in pouring, eye-hand coordination, and other skills. Exploring with water is captivating, engaging, engrossing and absorbing to almost all children.

When a child plays engages in sensory play alongside dramatic play the variety of materials and textures are stimulating the mind & body while igniting their imagination. It is play based learning at its finest, stimulating the 5 main senses, & it's child-directed exploration.

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