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Glitter Liquid Watercolor 3 Ways

Add glimmer and shine to your every day watercolor designs! Colorations® Glitter Liquid Watercolor #gifted combined the ease of watercolor with the amazing vibrancy of color and glitter! Each bottle not only contains rich color but also matching colored glitter that is specially formulated.

Liquid Water Color Resist Art, Water and Oil Solubility, and Lemon + Water Color Art are just some of the invitations you can do.

Liquid Water Color Resist Art consists of letting the child or adult draw anything before hand with a white crayon, oil pastel or tempera stick. Next simply let the child paint over it with wafer colors. Once it dries the beautiful images drawn before appear.

Oil + Water Solubility makes for a simple science set up. You need oil, liquid water colors, droppers/pipette, and a clear baking dish. Pour a thin layer of oil and incite the child to drop the liquid water colors.

Lemon + water colors, makes for a STEAM invitation. First you let the child paint with the liquid water colors, let it dry for a couple minutes. Next have the child squeeze lemons onto the paper which will make a beautiful bleaching technique.

Whether it’s for art or science it is one of the most versatile products out there. Now that there is glitter it just got better!

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