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Georgia O'Keeffe Two Ways

#WomensHistory Month is March. Throughout this whole month we have been exploring women’s contributions to history, culture & society. The famous female artist Georgia O'Keeffe was born & raised in Wisconsin. Her clear, bright paintings show the beauty she found in the simple, natural things around her. She loved to paint mountains, seashells, flowers, & even animal bones she found in the desert. Georgia often rearranged the natural things she saw, & simplified them. Exposing children to the arts through reading books, creating art, and exploring at a young age exposes them to various styles & techniques of art.

After reading books about her, looking at images of her art, we invited the children to create her art in two different ways.

1. Invitation to Create Shells with Loose Parts: We provided images of her art work with shells, flat marbles, seashells, and place mats. The children were invited to create their own O'Keeffe inspired shells.

2. Invitation to Still Life Paint Skulls: We provided images of her art work with bones, decorative cow skull, fake flower, leaves, branch, tempera paint, paint brushes, and paper. The children were invited to paint their own O'keefe ginspired paintings!

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