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Fine Motor Finger Gym

Squeeze, scoop, grab, and drop all together in this fine motor gym invitation. Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set helps children develop fine-motor and pre-scissor skills that gets them ready for writing, cutting, and more.

To set this invitation you will need water, containers (pails, cups, vase), liquid water colors, pom poms, and water beads.

Drop: Water Transfer- the child uses the dropper to transfer water from the full pail to the empty. You can enhance the process by adding liquid water colors to build color recognition.

Grab or Squeeze: Pom Pom Transfer-the child transfers pomp poms by grabbing or squeezing the Pom Poms and transferring them into the container.

Scoop: Water Bead Transfer-the child transfers water beads by scooping them from one container into the vase.

Fine Motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Problem solving, and endless Sensory Play.

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