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Fine Motor Bead Box

To invite a child(ten) to bead you can get a tackle box or craft jewelry box to store all of your beads and string in one place. Our favorite place to get a variety of beads in bulk from Discount School Supply. Here are the links to the ones pictured in the box. (Colorations® Bright Wooden Beads, Big, Bright Animal Beads, Colored ABC Beads, Colorful Jumbo Pony Beads, Paint 'M Beads, Fun Shapes Pony Beads, Set of all 3 Pony Beads, Set of Black & White Beading Elastic)

Stringing beads or threading beads is a very informative process for children in the early years. Often times it is a simple activity that is overlooked. There are so many developmental benefits for children to string beads in the early years.

Fine Motor Skills- when threading the beads they are strengthening their finger muscles & the movement all together. The more they do this the easier being able to write, cut, open containers, button, & tie things.

Hand-Eye Coordination Skills- As they grab the bead & place it to go through the string they will improve their hand-eye coordination skills.

Bilateral Coordination Skills- As the children take one bead from one & string from another it helps build their bilateral coordination. This will help them in turn perform tasks such as cutting, dressing, pushing/pulling, & more.

Visual Perception Skills- Whether they make patterns, sort by color, or sequence in a particular order in threading the beads, this gives them the ability to organize & sort. Which later on will help for pre-reading skills, #/shape/letter/color recognition, & understanding patterns.

Early Math Skills- As they count, sort, sequence, & create patterns they are exploring & understanding a variety of math skills in an open-ended way.

Language Skills- As they string the beads they will talk a bout the colors, textures, shapes, size, & more, which will encourage communication.

Cognitive Skills- Threading takes time & concentration, therefore through this activity they will have to be patient & required to obtain perseverance when sitting for a long time to complete the activity.

Creativity- Giving the child a variety of materials where they have the choice to create whatever they want empowers them to feel creative innovative. They have to solve problems on their own, take charge on how to make it work, & execute what their vision is.

Ideal for ages 3+z Since beads are choking hazards supervision is always highly recommended.

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