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Fall Finger Gym

Finger gyms are the perfect invitations to create a challenge to be able to grasp objects with a child's whole hand or with thumb and index finger, in order to refine their fine motor activities such as lacing beads on a string.

This fall finger gym consists of placing/removing feathers in a colander and wrapping/removing rubber bands on pinecones, pumpkins, or gourds.

As with many activities, taking the feathers out of colander is easier than putting them back in, so this invitation can provides a natural grading of challenge as they grow and obtain a variety of skill levels. When and if they are old enough, putting the feathers in the colander or encourages precise hand movements and higher level hand-eye coordination than lower level play skills such as stacking two blocks or placing pegs in a board.

Placing or removing rubber bands on pine cones, gourds, and pumpkins is such a simple process for strengthening those little hand muscles which is crucial for writing development later on, and good for concentration and hand-eye coordination. Rubber bands are great for children’s hand development as they need to be pushed out to stretch them and open them up, causing a good resistance against the fingers which is suitably hard to do.

Disclaimer: anytime a child is provided with or near any choking hazard supervision is of the utmost priority. If it is not within your threshold of comfort to provide your child or children in your care with these materials that is completely understandable.

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