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Fall Fine Motor Finger Gym

Finger gyms are great for enhancing fine motor skills because a child is literally using their hands and minds to make this activity work. These three invitations are an ideal challenge to be able to grasp objects with their whole hand or with thumb and index finger, in order to refine their fine motor activities such as lacing beads on a string, writing, cutting, etc. later down the line. Finger gyms teach children how to be patient and strategies about how they can start and finish a task. While these invitations may look easy and simple, it does take a bit of planning, problem solving and consistent thought process for the child to succeed. It teaches a child how to guide and use their hands and fingers so that they can grasp the items effectively and efficiently.

Acorn Transfer Invitation: To set this invitation you will need acorns, play acorns, or felt acorns. A bowl and tweezers. The child is to transfer the acorn with the tweezers.

Pumpkin Bands Invitation: To set this invitation you will need rubber bands, hair ties, or geoboard bands and pumpkins or gourds. The child is to wrap the bands around the different pumpkins or gourds.

Fall Scented Sensory Scoop: To set this invitation you will need Putka 'Pumpkin' Pods, cinnamon sticks, cups, and wooden scoopers. The child is to scoop the sensory materials into the cups with the scoopers.

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