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DIY Busy Board

All children are naturally curious about everything and anything that catches their eye. They have this innate nature where they must touch and explore whatever is in sight. So many times as parents and educators we find ourselves saying they aren't allowed to play with everyday materials such as remotes, light switches, door knobs, locks, etc. The compromise and sanity saver is a busy board.

Busy boards give children the opportunity to explore every day household items in a fun, educational way. It can be used as an interactive tool for the whole family or caregivers, enabling adults to be hands-on with the child's learning process. Busy Boards enhance a wide range of development skills including counting and number recognition skills, fine motor and hand to eye co-ordination, and enhancing their cognitive skills when exploring how to problem solve. They also boost a child's confidence and self esteem through achievement, encourages imaginary play, and provides children with a wide range of opportunities to develop these skills through tactile learning which all children thrive in.

DIY Materials Needed: Thick plywood board in a rectangular or circular shape as the base. Under our Amazon Busy Board Idea list for all the bits & bobs manipulatives.

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