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DIY Boat Sandbox

Before having my son, I have always dreamed about creating a sandbox from an old boat. There are so many reasonably priced well loved boats or a dinghy such as this on Craigslist, EBay, or Facebook Marketplace. All this dinghy needed was a coat of paint, play sand, pirate flag, & sand toys. Something about an old boat, filled with sand truly is an enchanting and wondrous place for a child to play in.

Children have a natural affinity for sand play. Whether you are parent or teacher providing children with a stimulating environment to enhance their play generates opportunities where a child can use their own play schemes imaginatively.

There is no right way to use sand. It invites participation; it permits children to make and test hypotheses; it stretches the imagination; it provides a potentially soothing sensory experience; and it is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive, and social skills. Sand play promotes physical development when the large muscles of a child dig, pour, sift, and scoop. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve as children learn to manipulate sand accessories.

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