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Diwali Rangoli Art

Diwali is approaching next week November 4th. An amazing way to learn about the traditions of Diwali is by reading books such as Binny's Diwali and Diwali Celebrate the World. These books are great to honor and highlight the special occasion in your home or classroom. The more we learn and represent all cultures in classrooms and in our homes, the more knowledge and understanding we provide for everyone while making every child feel seen and heard in their community.

Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated in India during autumn that usually lasts five days. Friends and family gather to light their brightest lanterns to rejoice in the victory of light over darkness. While there are many traditions during this festival, on the second day of Diwali homes are decorated with lamps and lights along with beautiful designs and patterns on floors known as Rangoli. Rangoli is thought to bring good luck, prosperity on the house and in the family, and to welcome guests.

After reading stories, showing images or actual examples of Rangoli you can invite a chid to create their own rendition of a Rangoli. You will need poster board, glue, color powder or sand, and a pencil. If you are doing this with younger children, you can draw outlines of Rangoli designs onto the poster board with a pencil and then trace the outlines with glue. If the child is old enough you can have them create their own Rangoli designs followed by letting them glue the outline. Next, invite the child to sprinkle the color powder or sand, shake it off and they will have created their very own Rangoli for Diwali.

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