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Dinosaurs in the Snow

With all this recent wonderful winter play exploring cold habitats, arctic animals, and the chilly weather, a simple question from a child ignited this prehistoric invitation. 

"Did Dinosaurs ever live in the snow?"

The beauty of invitations that introduce new experiences and information is that it continues to ignite curiosity and spark questions that we as adults may not have answers to. Together, you can learn and grow about so much interesting information while honoring the child's interest. 

"Our children can be our greatest teachers if we are humble enough to receive their lessons." 

Most of the time we picture jungles, volcanoes, tropical islands, which make us think they were always in warmer climates. After researching we found that Dinosaurs have been discovered in every continent including Antarctica & it has been found that Dinosaurs would have spanned a range of climates and seasons across every geographic latitude, likely including areas of snow & ice. These dinosaurs were called Polar Dinosaurs & were

spiky, feathery, & beaked. They adapted to some of the harshest habitats with a stop & start growth pattern, so they were already biologically predisposed to surviving on less during the cold month & faster again during the summers.

Since this was such a hit, the first go around we used shaving cream as snow in the tuff tray with dinosaurs, and loose parts (flat marbles, wood cookies, rocks, foraged leaves). The second time we did it with insta snow. And there we have it, an invitation that was ignited by a child's curious question led to SNOW MUCH FUN!

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