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Dinosaur Dig & Small World Play

When a child shows extreme interest in a subject matter, creating invitations to build upon their curiosity honors their learning process by letting them be active collaborators. While it may steer away from your planned lessons, curriculum, concepts or theme, activities, invitations, and so on, it provides for a meaningful experience to guide a child's exploration in something they are genuinely curious and interested in.

Recently Cy has been fascinated with Dinosaurs and Fossils after reading the the story Dinosaur Lady which explores the daring discoveries of Mary Anning, the first Paleontologist. To extend the literacy experience and honoring his current interest, setting up a sensory bin for a dinosaur dig sight alongside a dinosaur small world play habitat provided an opportunity to make the story come to life.

To set up the Dinosaur Dig place Kidfetti #gifted from Children's Factory as the sensory base with a Target Dollar Section Wooden Puzzle Pieces, Fossil Molds, Digging Kit, Dino Skeletons, and a Magnifying Glass. The Dinosaur Small World Habitat consisted of rocks, wood rounds, and Dinosaur Figurines.

Through this type of hands on play they can reenact what they see in stories, build comprehension skills, enhance their language, ignite their imaginary, expose their tactile play, and feel empowered to have the ability to discover just like Mary Anning did!

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