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Baby Beluga Sensory Tuff Tray Play

Baby Beluga is quite possibly one of the most special early child hood songs that is close to my heart because of one magical teacher that I was lucky enough to work alongside with and be mentored by years ago. She is now an angel and everytime we hear the song it reminds me of her magic and how she sang it with her class everyday.

Raffi's joyful children's music, has been a staple of children's lives for decades. I can attest to this because I remember listening to him in preschool myself and we have been playing his songs at our centers for 15+ years.

The song is about a young beluga whale that swims freely with arctic creatures around. In the book you can see the images of the ocean and animals at play.

After reading the book or singing the song you can recreate baby belugas world through sensory play. In a sensory bin or Tuff Tray create an oobleck mixture (corn starch, water, liquid water colors) as the water. Freeze different sized ice blocks and provide arctic animal figureines, seas shells, and cups/bowls. Invite the child(ren) to play baby beluga in the deep blue sea!

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